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Product information

  • What is an airtrack?

    Airtrack is an air filled gymnastics and tumbling mat for indoor and outdoor use. Airtrack resembles the flexible floor used in gymnastics and it can be used for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking and all kinds of jumps and flips. Airtrack allows higher jumps and cushions the landings. I...
  • How about the material?

    AirTrack Nordic does no compromises when it comes to quality. The raw materials used are the most durable and high-quality non-toxic materials available. We use Double Wall fabric, with 27600 threads / sqm for 10-15 cm and 19600 threads / sqm for 20-30 cm thick airtracks. The seams are not sewn, ...
  • How do I inflate the airtrack?

    The airtrack is easy to inflate and deflate with the included electric pump. Setting up and packing up take only a few minutes. The pump also allows individually adjustable air pressure on the mat.
  • Storage

    The AirTrack Nordic mat is handy to fold and roll for storage. When the AirTrack is rolled up, you can tie it with straps or put it in the carrying bag. Always store the AirTrack in a dry place. Never pack, store or transport the AirTrack when it is moist or dirty. Fold both sides lengthwise 1/3...
  • Maintenance

    After use, clean and dry the surface. The airtrack can be cleaned with water and soft soap. Do not use industrial cleaning products. When the surface is dry, start rolling from the bottom of the carpet. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before rolling.